How Does It Work?

•  You forward work to us via email by fax, or by post.
•  We use templates and layouts of your own specific style of documents, or we can create these for you.
•  Completed documents in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, PDF are returned promptly within a few hours by email.
•  You only pay for the work done - no employee or associated costs. Invoices sent at the end of the month.

Dictate on your smart phone or digital recorder, email the sound file to us and we then email documents back ASAP – WHAT COULD BE SIMPLER?

And remember, you only pay for the time you use – flexible, efficient, cost effective.

Services Rate
Secretarial Services £15 per hour (pro rata) (equates to £1 per audio min)
Diary Management/Event Management £15 per hour
Accounts £35 per hour
Desktop Publishing/Presentations £25 per hour
Mailshots Call for quote (£15 per hour basis)
Database £15 per hour data input, £25 per hour database design